Sabre Saw Blades for Wood


Tooth Pitch 6.35mm/5mm – 4/5 tpi
Tooth Length 220mm
Dimensions 240mm x 19mm x 1.27mm
Product Code 121611
Equivalent Bosch Code S1531L
SKU: 121611 - For green wood and rough timber. Fast, coarse cut, 15.0-190.0mm (Pack of 5 blades) Category:


Product Image Tooth pitch Tooth length Equivalent Bosch Code find out more
4.2mm / 6tpi 130mm S644D find out more
6.35/5mm – 4/5 tpi 220mm S1531L find out more
4.2mm / 6 tpi 130mm S611DF find out more
4.2mm/6 tpi 205mm S1111DF find out more
4.2mm/6 tpi 280mm S1411DF find out more